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Artistic Serenity.

Synthesis Huis (re. Heis) combines multiple resources,
materials, and structures in creating one-of-a-kind
masterpieces within Jakarta. Designed to be compact and
modern by famed, professional architect Jeffrey Budiman,
every part of your home was ensured to receive abundant
natural sunlight as well as optimal air flow to maximize the
health benefits for you and your family.
Introducing Jakarta’s brand new, high quality innovative
property that would redefine healthy living for you and your
family. Built within 3.3 Hectares of land and adjoining a lush
green forest, the area is sure to provide natural, fresh air all
year round for your modern home.

Optimizing the Landscape.

A dense city forest of teak and silk trees is preserved on
the north-west side of the property to provide Synthesis
Huis with clean, fresh air. With around 2 Hectares of lush
greenery, the forest serves to naturally cleanse the air by
absorbing carbon dioxide and creating approximately 520
pounds of oxygen every year.
Professional landscaper Oemardi Zain was tasked with
enhancing the beauty of Synthesis Huis environment so
that residents can enjoy the nature while doing activities
such as jogging, chatting, or simply relaxing.

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